Julia Hardy


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Julia is one of the most renowned and respected hosts in the world of video games, as well as an accomplished live host covering music and entertainment content. She is the host of new CBBC show Game On Grandparents, BBC's Top Gear Gaming Show and also Gran Turismo. 

In 2021she hosted the first ever Witchercon where she interviewed the cast of the Netflix series and the makers of the game. In 2020 her podcast series This Game Changed My Life launched on BBC Sounds and in 2021 was nominated for an ARIA. 

Everyone from the BBC to BAFTA, Xbox to PlayStation – all trust her to bring their content to gamers from across the globe. She has also worked for 4Music, Channel 5, BBC 3, Bravo, Challenge TV, BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live, BAFTA, Vice, The Guardian, The Mirror, Very.co.uk, Xbox, Playstation, Eurogamer, SBTV, BBC Earth

As someone who is obsessed with fitness, she has established her own fitness brand, Game to Train. Through her YouTube channel and Game to Train's Instagram page,  she posts her training regimes which are in the style of moves from popular games to make working out more fun. 

Originally starting in music TV, she has worked hosting content from all different genres from to anchoring the biggest amateur boxing match between the world's biggest Youtubers Logan Paul and the KSI to being Sky News' and Very.co.uk's go-to everywoman tech expert.

Having hosted and scripted two video game TV shows for Bravo and then Challenge TV, she then became Radio 1's gaming presenter. Fronting all their gaming TV content for iPlayer on 'The Gaming Show,' as well as covering all of their gaming content for live on air. Her relationship with Radio 1 was bolstered further when she was asked to dep for Early Breakfast shows over Xmas, moving her away from solely gaming at Radio 1 and onto another exciting path.

She also provides consultancy to brands and channels when they want to create unique gaming or e-sports content having fronted BBC Three's mainstream e-sports content several times.

Julia is one of the leading voices for raising awareness for women's treatment within the gaming community (a previously notoriously toxic and dangerous environment for women) which led her to create a blog called Misogyny Monday to call out some of the more disgusting comments that she would receive and turn it into something positive. The popularity of that blog led to her being invited to Canada to do a TEDx talk on sexism which was performed to a crowd of over 1300 people and was simultaneously the best/most challenging experience of her life. If you'd like to watch it in full, click on the REELS tab and scroll across.

A hugely public mental health advocate as she has suffered from depression her whole adult life and a keen supporter of The Alzheimer's Society due to her mum's condition.